Yann Slattery (CH/AT) (they/them) *1997 born in Vienna, living and working in Basel at the moment, is a performance-clothing-object artist and poledancer.

They finished their Bachelor in Fashion Design in Basel January 2022. In past projects they used and misused their knowledge in dressmaking to move in in-between spaces of clothing, performance, installation and sound. Working around failure, seducing failure and creating spaces in which the playfulness and fragility of bodys (human and nonhuman) coming together are to be figured out.
ʻdreaming together in trans joyʼ as an artistic and personal life practice.

Their current work and bachelor project ‘tanga tragedy’ is a theatrical approach to clothing - creating personalities around tangas, playing with the connotations of a string tanga, leaving space for every emotion through the tragedy, failing in dramaturgy and taking irrelevancy very relevant.
It's a theaterish piece with all the they/them tangas, the hyper femme tangas, the masc strings, the T tangas and the E tangas, the sock tangas, the packers, the binders, the stringers,,,
A tragedy created together with adena b. poderosa, anthony m.o. hug, debster, edwin ramirez, lateena plummer, mama maja, milena mihajlović, rafał pierzyński, raffaela boss, sun, yadosch, yevheniya kravets
Photographed by Sven Gex for his valentine zine of the 20s
 "as long as I have a face, you'll have a place to sit"
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