at 'Hüpf Hüpf Hurra'
Group Show in shared atelier space Hegenheim, Frankreich
Together with Marlijn Karsten, Nadine Räber und Vivienne Scherer we installed the inflatable Dalmatian for our Atelier Happening. 
Inflating and deflating the dog during the exhibition times we created an absurd, ill fitting in-between space for the audience and the Dalmatian. Everything became either too loose or too tight. 
Engaging the audience in space
The 'Thong for a Dog' plays with this miss fitting, and gets stretched around the Dalmatian whenever He/She/They is inflating. It's 'too loose' when deflated and 'too tight' when inflated. How would a dog wear a tanga? How would a bouncing castle wear a tanga? When is it a fitting tanga?

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