Looks and Personas by Yann Slattery
Performance structure by Yann Slattery with support from Raffaela Boss 
Music by Yadosch (Soundcloud: yadin), with read text by Mama Maja

Yevheniya Kravez as theatre thong
Raffaela Boss as tapping tanga
Rafal Pierjinzky as pissing tanga
Adena B. Poderosa as C-string
Sun as racing cow
Milena Mihajlovic as mourning 
Yadosch as wedding
Edwin Ramirez as miss* tanga
Debster as duck tanga
Lattena Plummer as Hierarchy of Tangas
Mama Maja as Love Song

The project of the tanga tragedy shifts between clothing, theater and performance to give a fantasy of a way of producing unrelevance, unrelevance and failure as a queer approach to productivity in a
normative consumption oriented western society.
It doesn’t take itself so serious, to give the space to unjudge.
Centering the smallest piece of clothing.
The tanga is a piece of clothing that wants to be private but exhibited at the same time. Everyone has their own tanga tragedy, if they wear them or not. I’m interested in making something so tiny
It is a space to be spontaneous to create without the fear of needing to be relevant, of meeting a
standard of productivity.
It is a space to go deep in shallowness. To embrace the uncertainty and to be chaotic.
It is a space that can be reentered, there’s no fixed ending, there’s no goal to reach, there’s always the possibility to reassemble. The drama of the starting point and the humour in the end.

01_Overture_MamaMaja, 4:40, mixed by Yadosch

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