Work in progress - “playbois” is a twenty minutes duo performance by Yevheniya Kravets and Yann Slattery. Focusing on the unpredictability of movement by questioning the purpose of tools and the body. Creating a moment where the mess is a norm, there for assumptions remain useless. Striving for an ongoing confusion that can`t be escaped.

As the main practice of the piece refers to a TikTok trend, where users perform a series of comedically unpredictable actions under the guise of doing the predictable thing, using the phrase "never let them know your next move", Yann and Yevheniya go on from there, inhabiting an NPC (Non-playable-character) that gets moved around in space. 

As dancers and performers, we are interested to apply that practice to our bodies, questioning where our impulses are coming from and who we are getting played by and explore it`s endless possibilities.
Thinking about the practice “never let them know your next move” as a dream where nothing makes sense, we think about meta worlds and constructed gaming realities. Our interest lies in AI bodies being in space, while coping NPC characters and their moving qualities, discovering other layers and possibilities of the unexpected randomness.

We like to imagine that we are bois in space getting played by the dolls. 
 Dreaming of a space where the dolls are in control, where they can do anything they wish to do. Twisting and bending wherever, whenever they want, while no one has to understand their actions.
With sound 

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